Our Monthly Programs, the first Tuesday at 7:00 pm at Vinny's on 610:

Does our club have an interesting program at it's monthly meetings?  You bettcha! Does our

 Ruritan meeting seem like just another Board meeting? No, and that is one reason Growth &

 Development is  occurring. We begin each year with your club calendar and fill in what type of

 programs we would like to have. Even if we don't know the name of a speaker, we at least

 write down a program category. Our meeting programs take approximately 20 minutes. We

 present each speaker with a token thank you gift for attending. When we bring a prospective

 member to your meeting, we find out what the program is so you can inform the guest.

 Growth & Development will happen when we plan ahead.  

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Our Club Activities: 
-Each spring and fall our Club in partnership with Red Cross sponsors a blood drive using the 
 Mount Ararat Baptist Church facility as a base of operation.  
-Also each spring the Club takes orders for and delivers mulch to members of the community. 
-In May, the Club works with local High School officials to select deserving students as recipients 
 of Club awarded scholarships.  
-Each July the Club sponsors a Cardboard Boat Regatta  as a countywide event for kids and 
 adults of all ages to enjoy. 
-Twice each year Club members collect trash from its adopted highway and some members 
 participate in the county’s clean-up-roadways program.
-Monthly, the Club assists the local library by picking up and removing selected waste materials.
 Annually, some members assist in the Potomac River shoreline cleanup project.